Feed Your Horse Like A Horse
Optimize your horse's nutrition for a lifetime of vibrant health
Dr. Getty's comprehensive reference

A reference book equally valuable for the equine science student, the large-scale breeder, the frequent competitor, and the recreational horseman (and anyone else with a horse's well-being at heart). 

What to feed, how to feed, and when -- conventional wisdom used to dictate the answer: Toss out a flake of "good quality" hay and hope the for best.

These days, though, advances in nutritional research, evolving horse-keeping practices, disappearing pasture land, and increasingly sophisticated veterinary knowledge make the horse owner's feed decisions highly complex. For some it can be daunting, but for equine nutritionist Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D., the changing horse-scape creates an exciting opportunity to optimize the nutritional profile of every horse.

Dr. Getty's goal in writing this book is to help horse owners like you decide the best feeding method for your horse. She makes recommendations on what to feed, but also wants you to know why a specific feedstuff or nutrient is important.  

Feed Your Horse Like A Horse is one reference book you'll reach for again and again. It will not collect dust on your shelf! 

Now available in paperback, and on Kindle. 


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Dr. Getty...   Why read?

Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. is a consultant, speaker, and writer in equine nutrition. A former university professor and winner of several teaching awards, Dr. Getty presents seminars to horse organizations and works with individual owners to create customized nutrition plans designed to prevent illness and optimize their horses' overall health and performance.

Dr. Getty has written for numerous publications throughout the world, and her work has been cited in other author's publications.  The well-being of the horse remains Dr. Getty's driving motivation.

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The best way we can show respect for our equine friends is to honor how they're made. 

Based on the types of queries and concerns Dr. Getty has received over the years, you'll find answers to questions about hay, commercial feeds, or which vitamin supplement is best, as well as to serious concerns about colic, laminitis, ulcers, and joint problems. Sometimes the concern is about pregnant mare or her growing foal, or an old horse who needs support. Or you may simply need to know where to start.

Start by reading Chapter 1: Ground Rules for Feeding a Horse. This will give you a basic overview. It may teach you something new, or at the very least, affirm what you already know.

The remainder is meant to serve as a reference.  You can review a particular nutrient, help your horse overcome a problem, or discover ways to ease your horse from one life stage to the next.